(FAQ - Answers given by Twin B)

Are you guys for real?

A: Yes, we are the genuine article. Everything you find on my site is 100% transparent and truthful. Whilst one of us has avoided male pattern hair loss the other has lost a fair bit of hair. Only one factor has made the difference - Dutasteride.

Are the photographs on your site real or have some been manipulated?

A: All photographs on my website are 100% real, they have not been taken from any other site or person, nor have they been enhanced in any way. We are identical twins and the hair loss contrast you see on my site between me and my twin is 100% real.

The original photos (found here) were taken of me and my twin brother on two occasions throughout December 2009 when my brother had taken Dutasteride for his hair loss for 5 years and I had not taken anything. Most of the photos were taken when my twin had his hair cut the same length as mine to help prove the results of Dutasteride even more by making all things equal. However, some photos show my twin with longer hair. I have included these because I feel they are still worth viewing and show that we are identical twins and not just brothers. The family photographs should also add more weight to this.

Important Notice

If you come across any reviews or blogs of our site anywhere else on the internet with comments of us or our photos being fake, these people have not done any research into me and my twin brother, including our personal circumstances. Right now we haven't conducted any interviews either with any site or company. People on the internet can be quick to pass sceptical judgement without any proof, such is the way of the internet and forums. We are real people, real twins and have nothing to hide. The only thing we have chosen not to reveal is our real names.

Are you really twins or are you just brothers?

We are identical twins and although we may look a bit different today, people who don't know us very well still get us mixed up. When we were younger we looked virtually identical, but time changes everyone! so I have included some Child Hood">child hood photos to further prove we are twins.

I see on some photographs your twin brother (the Dutasteride twin) has less hair on his arms, does this have any relevance to Dutasteride?

A: No, my twin brother use to shave his arms and I didn't bother (the hair on your arm's always grows back so it's too much effort, wish I could say the same about my head!)

Have you or your twin brother suffered any side effects from taking Dutasteride?

A: Update: 02/09/2015: I have now been taking Dutasteride for 6 years and my twin obviously around 11 years. Over time I have not suffered any detrimental side effects (some of the typical negative ones are decreased libido and impotence).

One of the intended consequences of Dutasteride however is the need to take a leak more regularly as Dutasteride encourages easier urination. This has also started to affect my twin! It's not a big deal for us two though and we can live with having to take more regular bathroom breaks.

Dutasteride is purposely designed to do this, as patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia take it. Find out more about this condition here.

A: Twin A, has never suffered any side effects since he started using the drug. I have also been using the drug since January 2010 and have not suffered any side effects. Although Dutasteride has shown that side effects can occur with some users clinical trials have shown that this is a small percentage and thankfully we are both part of the majority who have never experienced any difficulties.

How does your site differ from other hair loss sites?

A: My site is written to give you information from a purely personal perspective on Dutasteride and a lengthly course of usuage.

I would safely assume we are the only identical twins in the world that have tested out Dutasteride for 5 years whilst both being predisposed to the effects of male pattern hair loss, with one twin consistently taking the drug and the other forgoing any treatment for this period of time.

Why didn't Twin B take Dutasteride when Twin A started taking it?

A: This wasn't a deliberate act, nor was it an experiment, it was by pure accident. At the time when I started to thin, I was too distracted by other personal concerns in my life to actually start researching into hair loss like my twin brother did. It was only 5 years later that I considered it a concern to act. By this point (December 2009) I was pretty much problem free in other areas of my life and wished to see if I could tackle my baldness. I knew my brother had been taking something to effectively prevent his hair loss so I decided to ask him.

I must admit when I first started to thin it was more of an embarrassment than it is today. Within those 5 years I became more comfortable with the fact that I was going to loose all my hair at some point in the future. But I did think it made sense to atleast make an attempt to keep hold of what I had left for longer, which is why I started taking Dutasteride myself in January 2010.

In the past you have also mentioned Finasteride (Propecia), why is this, if you haven't taken it?

A: My twin brother briefly took Fintasteride before discovering Dutasteride so I thought it was worth mentioning Finasteride more at first. However, after I got some emails from visitors confused with what he uses, I thought it better that I clarify that it is Dutasteride and not Fintasteride. My twin has used Dutasteride all along, but this is not to say Finasteride will not work - from the offical site it is clear that Finasteride could be just as effective at combatting MPHL as Dutasteride. The best place to find out more on Finasteride is Propecia's offical site.

If you are looking to compare the two DHT inhibitor's the PubMed Central (PMC) site provides an excellent summary of various clinical trials.

What is male pattern hair loss/baldness?

A: You can find out more about male pattern hair loss here.

Will Dutasteride work for my hair loss?

A: I don't offer any recommendations either way on whether to use Dutasteride or whether it will stop your male pattern hair loss. This is because although my twin has tried and tested Dutasteride for over 5 years with great results, I am not medically qualified nor do I actively wish to promote any hair loss drug.

I am simply here to tell our hair loss story in a clear and truthful manner. If you wish to discover more about any hair loss treatment or would like advice I suggest you consult your local doctor and not rely on any information found on the internet.

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