Photo 1: Hairloss Twin Comparison (2009)

twins hair loss main photo

These hair loss photos were taken in December 2009 on two occassions. My twin brother had been taking Dutasteride for 5 years to prevent his male pattern hair loss from developing. I had taken nothing up until this time.

The aim of the photos is to show that by taking Dutasteride my brother has avoided considerable male pattern hair loss and with me taking no Dutasteride (up until January 2010), I lost much of my hair on the crown and lateral sides of my forehead.

Flash Light Photography

All head down hair loss photos were taken using a bright flash on a digital camera to clearly show the levels of hair loss in both me and my twin brother. From a real perspective my brother has an even thicker head of hair than how it looks here! I can assure all visitors that every single photo is 100% real and none have been tampered with. If you find any bad press regarding the photos on our site, the likely sources will be people who have not done any research into my website and are quick to accuse of tampering without any proof.

I have started taking Dutasteride in January 2010 and keep users who subscribe to my newsletter up to date with it's effects and my progress.

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