Cover Bald Patches, Spots & Thicken Hair

For men and women that have thinning hair signs, it's not the end of the world, as you will see from the photos below, I show you how to cover bald patches using high quality hair fibres - the same ones I use every day.

cover up bald patches with nanofibres

The thinning hair product by Nanogen can be used by anyone (men or women) and leaves your hair with a natural thicker look, so much so that not one person has been able to spot that I have been using these hair fibres to cover my bald patches for the past 3 years (except the people I have told of course). The solution I use is called Kertain Hair Thickening Fibres and the benefits are many.

Take a look at the before and after photo's of me using the hair fibres. I have used the flash on my camera to give a clear exposure of my bald spot and the natural coverage of the Kertain Hair Thickening Fibres. Although in natural light they look even more natural and are virtual undectable - even to the most prying of eyes.

can you regrow hair

The Benefits of the Natural Hair Thickener

  • Very easy to apply.
  • Resist strong winds and rain when combined with locking mist.
  • Wide range of colours available (10 in total) in which case you can easily find a colour that blends in with your natural hair colour.
  • Mess free and a natural looking disguise for hair loss for both men or women.
  • Virtually undetectable to the naked eye (no one knows I have thinning hair).
  • Merge with your own hair adding substantial volume.
  • Discrete container, no one will know it's a hair loss solution.
  • 100% safe to use for both men and women and recommended by the Alopecia society
  • Tested successfully by over 1 million users including myself.

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What exactly are they?

They are microscopic colour-matched hair fibres and are electrostatically charged. The fibres are specifically designed to disguise bald spots and thicken hair to look as natural as possible. You shake them onto your weakened hair follicles from a small drum and they stick to your hair strands in a clean and mess free way giving your hair a thickened and natural look.

Nanogen's Official User Photos

conceal bald spots with Kertain Hair Thickening Fibres
nanofibres by nanogen: before and after shots of the hair loss disguise for coveribg bald spots

Perhaps the greatest benefit I have found with the hair thickener is that it requires only just a bit of hair to cling to in order to disguise the bald patches (especially on the crown of my head). So as you can see in the photos above (including my own) even though I have little hair on the crown of my head I can still manage to easily cover my bald patches and thinning hair spots.

Finally they do give a real thick effect to patches that are not so badly balding - so they aren't just there to cover clear thinning patches but to enhance the look of hair that is yet to feel the full effects of thinning.

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