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Regrow Hair - Can You Grow Back Lost Hair?

This is a frequently asked question for many men and women concerned about their thinning hair and the answer is not straight forward. Two distinct scenarios must to be taken into consideration when trying to address hair loss that will require completely contrasting methods of hair loss treatment. The two situations are actually hair thinning and baldness which have been examined in detail on this site. For example I suffer from thinning hair where as my twin brother doesn't. You may have a chance at regrowing your hair or should I say re-thicken if you are experiencing hair loss that has only resulted in a thinning hair mass on some region of your scalp. On the other hand, if you have actually lost all your hair on an area of the scalp, then, you are unlikely to get hair growth again either naturally or with medication. Although there could be a small amount of cases where this has happened with some men this article is more concerned with probability not the minority of circumstances

If you are interested in how to regrow your hair, you really need to understand exactly what is causing the hair loss in the first place. Most men who are suffering from a loss of hair due to the genetic condition known as male pattern baldness. Contrary to popular belief this condition can actually be passed down on either the mother's or the father's side - see our article on is baldness hereditary (1). Male pattern baldness is usually caused by a build up of DHT in the blood stream which affects the ability of the hair follicles to grow hair (2). It appears as though the DHT actually inhibits the flow of blood to the hair roots; hence causes them to whither and eventually stop functioning all together (2). The problem is you cannot regrow hair follicles once they have weakened to the point of disappearing. That means if you want a good chance of continuing to grow your hair you need to treat the problem before it gets to the stage of baldness. This is good news for those who are looking for a preventative measure rather than a cure! It means that hair regrowth can be possible if treated early because various tests have already discovered that hair loss is caused by DHT, which can be reversed with the correct drugs or treatment.

Hair Loss Treatment Options

Before we take a look at the drugs known to aid in reducing hair loss I would recommend you consider a safer option to thicken your hair and disguise any thinning spots by using something like NanoFibres. These are small hair like electro static fibres easily sprinkled onto your thin hair which disguise hair loss. I use these hair fibres regularly to enhance the look of my hair. Drugs are a complicated area which this site strictly does not recommend or pretend to give any of it's own advice on - all our advice is referenced from other medical websites. But we do recommend hair fibres for providing a natural and fuller look to your hair.

If your hair has started to thin, there are 3 FDA approved drugs to research: dutasteride, finasteride and minoxidil - all of them have been shown to help on occassions (such as in medical tests) either by inhibiting DHT production or working on the blood circulation. Click each treatment's respective link to find out more about them. If you are considering using a drug to prevent or aid in combatting hair loss you should first consult your doctor regarding this matter as all drugs have side effects which you can experience. We advise you do as much research as possible into any drug if you contemplating taking one.

can you regrow hair

Whatever treatment option you choose to take, if we look at the results of tests it shows you will more than likely have to persevere and use one for more than six months to have a chance of seeing any sort of result. It is important to know that you will not get any results if you jump from one product to another out of desperation. Be cautious when searching for hair regrowth products.

To conclude, the fact is, answering the question of can you regrow hair really means you need to know at what stage of hair loss you are in and what your options are. The problem of how to regrow lost hair is not really easily answered and requires further in depth scientific research beyond this site's capability where by you draw your own conclusion.

Having researched what information is out there on the internet there is a lot of conflicting advice on whether or not you can 'regrow hair'. I don't pretend to know the absolute answer, but beware as some sites can mislead you to believe there is an exact answer in order to sell their product. The good news is as well as drugs such as the ones mentioned above, there are also realistic options for disguising hair loss such as Nano Fibres.

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