About a twin who took Dutasteride to stop his hair loss...

We are a pair of identical twins who suffer from Male Pattern Hair Loss with one noticeable difference; one twin still has most of his hair.

Since my twin brother (Twin A - on the left of all photos) started showing signs of baldness in 2003 he has treated his hair with a whole variety of products. Fortunately he has managed to prevent his hair thinning that I have experienced by taking a DHT Blocker known as Dutasteride. I (Twin B - on the right of all the photographs) didn't try anything up until January 2010 to prevent losing my hair (not intentionally!), and the results are clear to see...

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twins hair loss comparison 2013: photo 12

another comparison side view of hair loss

Pictured above on the left of the photos is my twin brother - Twin A. The dutasteride twin and on the right is me - Twin B, who tried no treatment to prevent my hair thinning for 5 years. I show clear signs of Male Pattern Baldness (also known as Male Pattern Baldness), whilst my twin brother (a) shows very little signs.

In the first photo above we can see that Twin A still has small signs of hair thinning, which shows he does actually have male pattern baldness but he prevented it from spreading early on through using Dutasteride.

identical twins

We had the same amount of hair throughout our childhood, teens and early adulthood. However, like our father, baldness was soon knocking on the door, and I decided to let him in, whereas my twin brother kept the door shut with Dutasteride.

We are the only identical twins in the world to have tested Dutasteride for use in hair loss prevention for as long as 5 years with one twin taking the drug once a day and the other forgoing any substance or method to prevent thinning - that was an accidental trial because I didn't really think at the time that there was a viable solution out there so just ignored the problem. The results my twin brother has experienced have been incredible, which is why I want to share this experience with everyone.

As mentioned the test was purely accidental and not deliberate. My twin brother was more concerned with his hair loss at the time than I was with mine. It took me a further 5 years to actually be concerned enough to act when my bald spot became a lot more prevalent. I'm sure most men are like me, they wait for clear confirmation that something is happening and then they decide to act as opposed to listening to and dealing with the problem early on. However, the truth is, even though I am balder than my twin brother.

In case you fail to see the relevance in me and my brother being twins, I will explain further. We are monozygotic twins (identical twins) who have virtually identical DNA. There is some possibility that we may have variations in CNV (Copy Number Variation) in a few areas, but on the whole our make up is the same. Therefore, we are both prone to the effects of Male Pattern Hair Loss. However, early on in the process of Twin A's hair loss, he started using Dutasteride to combat his receding hair line. This is why he shows only small signs on the crown of his head and none at the front. My hair receding on the other hand progressed at a normal rate.

All other factors in our life remained the same. We both did sports regularly, shared similar diets and grew up in the same environment.

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